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Bixie Willow

questions about the site and how to use it

  1. What is this site?

           Goth-to-Goth is a site by goths (ahem...goth) for goths, created by a youger gothling who we will address as Bixie Willow. Here I will focus on goth and semi-related alternative subcultures such as steampunk, cybergoth, emo, gothloli and so on. Of course anyone and everyone is encouraged to view and enjoy these articles, even if they don't consider themself "alternative'.

  2. How do I become a member?

           You simply click the "Register" button that appears to the right of most pages. Then you answer the questions and click "Creat my Account".

  3. What does being a member allow me to do?

           Being a member allows you to post photos, comment on members' profiles, and post on the  forums. You will also be sent an email to notify you any major changes to the site.

  4. Did anyone actually ask you these questions?

           Nope! However if you do have a question you think should be here leave me a comment or email me at [email protected].

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the gothic subculture

  1. What is goth?

           Ah, a tough question. Goth is an alternative subculture that sprang from the punk movement. Although all members of this subculture have different tastes and opinions, it is often characterised by dark clothing and makeup, dark imagery, and music such as Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Of course there are so many kinds of goth and I am trying to give a quick explanation so if you would like a fuller explanation I recommend you watch this video:!

  2. Do all goths wear black?

           No, not at all. White, gray, and dark jewel tones are also popular. Actually, goths (and anyone else for that matter) can and should wear any color they want to.

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Bixie Willow

  1. Are you goth?

           Yes. I thought that would be obvious.

  2. Where else can you be found?

           Well, I also have a Quotev account and I'm working on a collaborative Youtube channel call GravyardsandThings. Oh yeah, I'm also on the Ning.

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