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How to Goth Up Shoes

Posted on June 5, 2011 at 10:27 PM

          Ok, since i haven't done a craft in a while, here's one for you:

                                      What you need:

Shoes (preferably ones that can be dressed up such as heels, boots,flats,etc...)

Spray on glitter You can usually get this at craft stores.(such as Michaels,etc..)

Permanent markers or paint

Small bows, buttons, or other things to attach to the shoes (for example, if you wanted a more steampunk look you could attach small gears to the shoes)

Needle and thread or a hot glue gun and glue or both

(optional) Decals for your shoes (such as temporary tattoos or paper print outs of something cool.....believe it or not they work!)


1) Pick your shoes. Wedge heeled sandals are great for this because you have a large area to decorate but most shoes will work.

2) Decide what your design will be and gather the needed supplies. You might not need everything listed above; you may want additional items. Really, it's up to you and your creativity.

3) Decorate. The following steps aren't all necessary and are mainly meant to be used as an example. Do what ever you feel like.

4) Use your permanent markers or paint to draw your design on the shoe. If you're using something with wedge heels you will have  a large area to draw on. If not just draw wherever there is room.

5) Spray your glitter over you shoe.

6) Glue or sew any small decorations to the shoe. If you want them to be glittery you can reverse the order of steps five and six.

(optional) If you chose to use paper printouts, use a hot glue gun or even tape (!) (if you want it to look glossy) and stick the paper design on the shoe. Then spray your shoe with glitter if you want it to be sparkly!

(optional) If you choose to use the tattoo, do what the directions tell you to, (but just apply it to the area of the shoe that you want it on and not your skin) then i suggest you use a clear coat of nail polish over the tattoo once it dries,and then tape over that to make extra sure that it can't come off! Then you can do option five again if you want.

                  -A collaborative effort by Ivy and Bixie

      You can message us on the site or email us at our respective email addresses if you have any suggestions or further questions. ([email protected] and [email protected])





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